Make your money go farther.

The closer you look at The Village, the more value you see.

People want to look at The Village at Orchard Ridge from two perspectives. First, they want to see the dollars-and-cents value. A good place to start is with our online cost calculator. You’ll look at your specific expenses today and compare them to the all-inclusive service package we offer. Then, when you visit us, you’ll have a good start for a discussion about your current cost of living versus the cost of maintenance-free living at a first-class continuing care retirement community (CCRC). We’ll be able to talk about the savings from our advanced approach to health care, where you don’t pay for services you may never use. And we’ll be able to look at your financial goals and review our options and incentive package with you.

Second, people ask about values—personal values, the spirit that unites the people who are making The Village their new home. There’s no better way to experience that wonderful sense of community than at an upcoming event or with a personal tour. Gather with your new neighbors, share the camaraderie and join us: together, we plan your world. Bring your questions; we’ve answered many here, but we know you’ll have more, and we’re eager to help.

Come experience a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood at The Village at Orchard Ridge.

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