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    The nominee has been informed his/her name has been put forward for this award. He/she consents to have this nomination put forward and have his/her name included in any Stellar 7 Over 70 properties, such as the organization’s web page, event program and news releases.

    Nominator Information

    Stellar 7 Over 70 Award Descriptions

    1. Intellectual Growth - Recognizing that learning challenges the mind to acquire new skills, gain new knowledge and remain curious, awardees will have expanded their personal knowledge and skills, or discovered opportunities for others to engage in creative and stimulating mental activities that positively influence memory, emotions, language or motor skills. They will treat learning itself as a valued part of life and through it find ways to continuously recreate themselves through personal and/or professional growth.
    2. Fitness and Health - Recognizing the uniqueness and diversity of individuals, relative to each person’s abilities and disabilities, awardees will have focused on the importance of regular exercise, physical activity and good nutrition to optimize wellness. Their commitment to enhanced individual health, community well-being or quality of life has led themselves or others to improved self-esteem, self-control, determination and sense of direction.
    3. Social and Community Involvement - Recognizing that we are all social creatures and need connections and interactions with other human beings, awardees will have increased their social circle by cultivating meaningful, creative, safe and inclusive relationships with people of different ages, backgrounds, races or lifestyles. They will be leaders in creating social, cultural and economic value in communities in ways that drastically shift public discourse, perceptions and realities.
    4. Spiritual Expression - Recognizing that our values, beliefs and religious faith influence our sense of meaning and purpose in life, awardees will have explored a prayerful or mindful approach to each day by developing an inner connectedness and harmony between oneself and God or the universe, participating in activities that express gratitude, self-reflection and compassion towards others.
    5. Creative Engagement - Recognizing that individuals gain growth and strength through imagination, awardees will have engaged in creating, performing, teaching, mentoring or promoting arts and culture. They will have shown a commitment to enriching communities through creating exceptional art or by facilitating increased access to the arts.
    6. Environmental Awareness - Recognizing the importance of living a lifestyle that is respectful to our surroundings: respectful of our social environment, natural environment and our built environment, awardees will have maximized the dynamic relationship between the environment and people, recognizing that we are responsible for the quality of the air, water and earth that surrounds us and affects our health and well-being.
    7. Vocational Connectivity - Recognizing the essential importance of personal enjoyment and satisfaction in the work that we do, awardees will have engaged in civic engagement projects or volunteer work, contributing their skills, talents and support for the good of others. Their service to individuals or groups, family, friends or neighbors demonstrates a deep, tireless and quiet commitment, enhancing the quality of life in their communities.

    Narrative Instructions

    Reflecting on the award categories and how they may align with the nominee’s achievements since turning 70, please be detailed and specific, providing examples, and note where possible the impacts of these achievements on the community or lives of others.

    Nomination Narrative
    Achievement(s) After Age 70

    Be specific and provide current examples.

    Good examples are other initiatives, organizations or community work the nominee is involved in, along with a brief summary of responsibilities or contributions:

    Letters Of Support

    Letters of support are welcomed and encouraged, but they are not required. Letters may help the selection committee reach their final decisions. These letters should explain why the writer believes the nominee deserves a Stellar 7 Over 70 award and discuss how the nominee has accomplished a milestone or vision that inspires people regardless of age, demonstrating that age does not preclude developing new passions and leading an impactful life. Family members can be involved in nominating and supporting a nominee.

    Please collect these letters and include them with your nomination application. Please list the names of the individuals who will be writing letters of support:

    Letters Of Support #1

    Letters Of Support #2

    Letters Of Support #3

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