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Water Booster Station Pumps to Serve as an Alternative to Proposed Water Tank

March 2, 2012

(WINCHESTER, Va.) – The Village at Orchard Ridge, A National Lutheran Community, in partnership with Silver Lake, LLC and Frederick County Sanitation Authority (FCSA) is providing a new solution to remedy the ongoing water tank discussion and ensure timely water delivery to the retirement community. The proposed new alternative is a water booster station that will replace the water tank originally slated for the Round Hill-area of Frederick County.

"The water booster station will include a three pump system, all of which will be operated with variable frequency drives (VFDs). The first pump will be a low flow pump to handle the lower flows during the nighttime hours," explained Randy Kepler, of Greenway Engineering, who represents both Silver Lake, and TVOR. "When demand picks up the second pump will kick on and operate in parallel with the first pump to handle the average daily demand. If demands greatly increase signaling a fire event, the third pump will turn on and provide the necessary flows to supply 1,000 gallons per minute (gpm), plus peak hourly demands while maintaining a minimum of 40 pounds per square inch (psi) residual."

Kepler also explained that this booster system will be outfitted with the necessary controls and equipment for local operation and will have a standby generator to ensure water service even during power outages.

"This solution is a win-win for everyone because it will serve neighboring areas as needed and provides Frederick County with the development it needs to thrive," Uwe Weindel, FCSA Engineer and Director said. "The Village at Orchard Ridge is a great thing for this community."

Final plans will be submitted in March to receive approvals from FCSA and the Department of Health. Once approvals are finalized construction on the booster station pumps can begin.

"We are thrilled that we have a viable new alternative in process to ensure water delivery to the residents of The Village at Orchard Ridge," said John Midolo, Executive Director for TVOR.