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Outpatient rehabilitation

Physical Therapy in Winchester, Virginia

Recovering from injury or illness is a process and may require rehabilitation services after you leave the hospital. As part of The Village at Orchard Ridge’s highly-rated skilled rehabilitation program, we offer outpatient rehabilitation to independent living residents to encourage preventive measures to increase strength and dexterity. Additionally, following a short stay in an in-patient setting at Orchard Woods Health Center, outpatient therapy provides continued recovery as residents transition to their apartment home or cottage. Outpatient therapy occurs in the Engage Center and helps clients achieve or regain the greatest amount of independence possible.

Outpatient rehabilitation services


Gets you stronger, walking better and increases your balance.

Physical therapy services may be needed if you:

  • Have trouble getting up from a chair or out of bed
  • Have difficulty climbing stairs
  • Get tired easily when walking
  • Have recently fallen
  • Have had a joint replacement or other surgical intervention


Helps you manage daily activities more easily, including: dressing, bathing, cooking and cleaning.

Occupational therapy may be needed for:

  • Taking a shower or bath
  • Getting on and off the toilet
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Writing, knitting and other fine motor activities

Speech and

If you have had a stroke in the past and continue to have trouble speaking or eating what you want.

Speech and language therapy may be needed if you:

  • Speak slowly
  • Experience difficulty finding the words you want to say
  • Have trouble swallowing food (including coughing after you drink)