Great gifts. Greater responsibility.

A good steward must cultivate the time, talents and treasures of our communities, residents, staff, donors and volunteers. Proper stewardship requires financial management that is guided conscientiously by our vision and mission:

NLCS honors, inspires and supports choice and opportunity in partnership with older adults.

This mission has empowered The Village at Orchard Ridge’s leadership and supporters. Through careful stewardship of resources of NLCS’s 130-year history, they have securely anchored the financial position of our ministry.

We are committed to providing housing and health care for older adults with varying levels of financial resources. We offset the cost of care, either partly or wholly, for a portion of our community’s residents. Because of the giving hearts of many individuals who have given generously to the benevolent care fund, we are proud to say that we’ve never had to ask any resident who has been a good financial steward to leave our campus because they were no longer able to afford the rising costs of health care, due to no fault of their own.

For more information on our financials, please review our Disclosure Statement, 2022 Annual Report, 2023 Financial Statement Audit and 2022 990 Form.